Client Testimonies

Yes, we can tell you about all we offer and how we can help you, but it’s best heard through our clients’ minds. So, without further ado…

Amber crossing a stream at Ouachita Switchbacks 25k

Amber crossing a stream at Ouachita Switchbacks 25k

Amber Ebbrecht - Leadville Marathon

“I could not ask for more in a coach, hands down. Justin is inspiring, patient, motivating, attentive, prompt, methodical, and detailed. I put my full trust in him and his process as I was coming back from a significant injury that put me at ground zero. Through his lead, I am now a stronger runner, both mentally and physically, than I have ever been. Justin listened and met me where I was as a runner, where I wanted to be, and began making plans specific to my needs and abilities all while giving me full support while pushing me outside my comfort zone. I sincerely appreciate how Justin is holistic in his approach to running, strengthening both the mind and body.  I respect Justin as an accomplished athlete who not only understands what it takes build and execute a solid training plan, but as one who has given me advice from gear to nutrition. Aside from being my coach, he is an all-around kind and compassionate human. I believe he sincerely wants to see me succeed in dissolving my personal barriers I never thought would be possible. I have gained a tremendous amount of confidence in myself and abilities since working with Justin. I honestly cannot say enough great things about this coaching experience. I am more excited about my future in running than I have ever been and all because he has shown me my true potential. I am forever grateful!”

Paul Countess - Lovit 100 mile Ultra Marathon

Paul running Athens Big Fork marathon

Paul running Athens Big Fork marathon

"If you are looking for custom training plans that are geared for maximum results with a thoughtful approach, Justin will deliver.  Justin has developed my weekly training plans, taking all the guess work out of how to approach the Lovit 100 ultramarathon.  From nutrition to recovery, Justin is a trusted resource that has given me insightful feedback on my previous weeks runs, and has helped me frame a positive mindset going forward, after some challenging bumps in the road.  He has a holistic approach to training with a genuine concern for you as a person."

Candice digging deep at the Tulsa Run 15k  Photo: Chris Barnes

Candice digging deep at the Tulsa Run 15k

Photo: Chris Barnes

Candice Brown - Sub 70 min Tulsa Run 15k

“I set a goal for myself to try to get the coveted Tulsa Run 60/70 cup. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s a special cup or mug awarded each year to all of the runners who complete the Tulsa Run 15K in under 60 minutes for males and under 70 minutes for females. In my case that would mean racing at a pace under 7:30 per mile - and I’d never attempted anything like that and had no idea where to start. So I reached out to Justin and asked him to coach me. He worked with me to to create a schedule that worked with my busy lifestyle, checked in with me regularly to see how things were going, made adjustments to the schedule as needed and really helped give me some much needed accountability. But the thing I remember most from the whole training block was maybe 3 or 4 weeks before the race and I was feeling mentally defeated. I was being really hard on myself and my training runs at that point weren’t where I wanted them to be. He saw that I was putting myself at risk of injuring myself and made me take some time off and do some other activities for a little while. I thought that was the last thing I needed, but he just kept encouraging me to trust my training. Race day came and after a good pep talk, I was on my way. I was nervous and had doubts, but I found the right pace and just trusted everything he’d taught me. When I got close to the finish line and saw the time and knew I was going to make it, I had the biggest feeling of pride, relief and joy. The months of hard work had paid off and it was so worth it! I was so grateful to have had his guidance and support and I truly couldn’t have done it without him!”