Group Ultra Training

We are excited to start our group training session for a fall ultra marathon on June 1st in Wichita, Kansas and will soon be offering this training in other select cities, coach dependent. There will be groups and schedules for both beginners and more advanced ultra marathon runners from 50k through 100 mile distances. This is a perfect way to start your ultra running career! The groups will train for specific races on the specific terrain relative to the race. Below are some details on the plans offered.

50k — Beginner training

For those of you who are wanting to take that dip into the ever-growing community of ultra marathons, this is the plan for you. You will only need to run 4 days a week. This plan and distance is nothing to be afraid of and nearly everybody can handle this training!

50k — Advanced training

This plan is designed for someone who has completed an ultra before or who is an advanced marathoner. You will be required to run 5 days a week and will incorporate speed, tempo and hill work.

50 mile — Training program

This plan is designed for beginning and advanced runners alike. You will be required to run 5 days a week and will have a little more volume than the 50k programs, meaning longer and more consistent long runs.

100 mile — Training program

This plan is designed for runners with a larger base volume, either running marathons for 2+ years or who have completed an ultra. You will be running 5 days a week but will focus on back to back long runs and higher weekday volume. This training will teach you to run/move on tired legs, which is key to completing a 100 mile race!

For more information or questions, buzz us here. Details will be released in late March.