What we are about


The human mind is our biggest limiter but is also our greatest asset.

Two things usually happen. Either our mind tells us “you can’t do that” or a doubter says to you “you could never do this or that.” This leads to a lack of self confidence, where our own minds act to set our own limits.

Here at Breaking Limits Coaching, we like to refer to this as your “perceived limitations” and it is our goal to help build up yourself and allow you to push through those perceived limits so that you “can do those things.”

We truly do care and are here to help you craft the very best version of yourself. We also believe that an effective training plan isn’t the only thing to get you to that finish. Foam rolling, stretching, sleep, hydration and nutrition all play a huge role in staying healthy and active in a training block. There are many tools we provide you with to help you in all aspects of life, not just training.

There are also times it seems like just getting to the start line is 90% of the battle. There is a very fine line between peaking and over-training and that is where a well defined training plan and a coach to hold you accountable makes all the difference. Smart training will help minimize your chances of getting injured and maximize your chance of hitting your goal.

Here at BLC, we are not trying to make you someone who you are not. We are simply giving you the tools to help you master yourself…giving you the spark to ignite that inferno that resides in us all!

Having the endurance to perform while having the performance to endure
— Justin Walker